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Today, Friday the 23rd of February 2024 in Czech Republic, we celebrate


...on their name day.

Upcoming name days

Saturday the 24th of FebruaryMatěj
Sunday the 25th of FebruaryLiliana
Monday the 26th of FebruaryDorota
Tuesday the 27th of FebruaryAlexandr
Wednesday the 28th of FebruaryLumír
Thursday the 29th of FebruaryHorymír
Friday the 1st of MarchBedřich

What is the name day in Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, name days are celebrated on the date corresponding to a person's given name. Each day of the year, except national holidays, is associated with one or several personal names. Name days are celebrated less frequently and with less importance compared to birthdays, but they can still be celebrated with friends or co-workers of the same name, which can make the celebration bigger and more significant.

In the past, there were legal restrictions on the names parents could give their children. Although this has changed, it is still common to choose a name from the name day calendar, which was originally based on the Roman Catholic calendar of saints. The calendar has been updated to reflect current usage, and any existing name, Czech or foreign, can be used, but not domestic or diminutive forms. Highly unusual names must be approved by a special office.

Overall, name days are a unique aspect of Czech culture, and while they may not be as important as birthdays, they provide an opportunity for people to celebrate their names and connect with others who share the same name.

How do you wish someone a happy name day in Czech?

To wish someone a happy name day in Czech, you can say "Všechno nejlepší k svátku!" which translates to "All the best on your name day!"

Alternatively, you can say "Srdečné přání k svátku!" which means "Heartfelt wishes on your name day!"