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Today, Friday the 23rd of February 2024 in Poland, we celebrate

Bądzimir, Damian, Piotr, Roma, Seweryn

...on their name day.

Upcoming name days

Saturday the 24th of FebruaryBogurad, Bogusz, Boguta, Maciej, Piotr
Sunday the 25th of FebruaryBolebor, Cezary, Maciej, Małgorzata
Monday the 26th of FebruaryAleksander, Bogumił, Cezariusz, Ewelina, Mirosław
Tuesday the 27th of FebruaryAleksander, Anastazja, Gabriel, Gabriela, Sierosława
Wednesday the 28th of FebruaryJózef, Lech, Roman
Thursday the 29th of FebruaryDobronieg, Roman
Friday the 1st of MarchAlbin, Amelia, Antoni, Antonina, Feliks, Herakles, Joanna, Józef, Leo, Piotr

What is the name day in Poland?

In Poland, name days, or "imieniny" in Polish, are celebrated on the feast day of the Catholic saint associated with one's given name. Each day of the year is associated with one or more saints, and people who share the name with the saint(s) celebrated on that day typically receive congratulations and may celebrate with family and friends.

Name days are an important tradition in Poland, and are often considered to be more important than birthdays. Name day celebrations typically involve a family gathering or a small party with close friends, and may include special food and drink, as well as gift-giving.

How do you wish someone a happy name day in Polish?

To wish someone a happy name day in Polish, you can say "Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji imienin!" which translates to "All the best on your name day!"

Alternatively, you can simply say "Życzę Ci wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji imienin!" which means "I wish you all the best on your name day!"

What do you get someone for their name day in Poland?

In Poland, name days, or "imieniny" in Polish, are an important cultural tradition, and it's common to give small gifts or tokens of appreciation to the person celebrating their name day. Here are some popular gift ideas:

  1. Flowers: A bouquet of flowers is a classic and thoughtful gift for a name day celebration in Poland. It's a good idea to choose flowers based on the person's preferences or the meaning of the flowers.
  2. Cake: A special cake or dessert is often part of a name day celebration in Poland. You could buy a cake or make one yourself.
  3. Chocolate: A box of high-quality chocolates is a popular gift for a name day celebration in Poland.
  4. Personalized gifts: Personalized gifts, such as a monogrammed item, a custom-made piece of jewelry or a special engraved item, can be a meaningful way to show your appreciation.
  5. Home decor: A decorative item or a household item that the person may enjoy, such as a piece of artwork or a special kitchen gadget.
  6. Books: If the person enjoys reading, a book or a set of books could be a thoughtful gift.
  7. Clothing and accessories: Clothing or accessories that match the person's style can be a great gift idea.
Overall, the best gift for a name day in Poland is one that reflects the person's personality and interests, and shows your appreciation and love for them. It's also common to give flowers or small gifts to the person celebrating their name day, and to share a meal or dessert together with family and friends.

Is Sto Lat a happy name day song?

"Sto lat" is a beloved and traditional Polish song that expresses good wishes for a long and healthy life. It is commonly used as a way of wishing someone a happy birthday in Polish, and is a staple of celebratory events in the country. This cheerful song is often sung at birthdays and name days in Poland, much like the American "Happy Birthday" song. However, "Sto Lat" is more versatile as it can be heard at a wide range of special events and occasions such as anniversaries, patriotic events, and award ceremonies.

This song has become a significant part of Polish culture, and it is not unusual to hear it sung in public places or played on the radio. The tune of "Sto Lat" is upbeat and cheerful, which makes it a perfect choice for any happy occasion. The lyrics of the song offer heartfelt good wishes to the person being celebrated, wishing them a long and healthy life.

In addition to being sung at birthdays and name days, "Sto Lat" has become an important part of Poland's international presence as well. It is often sung at international language events, showcasing the beautiful Polish language to the world. Overall, "Sto Lat" is a joyful and versatile song that has a special place in the hearts of Polish people and continues to be sung for generations to come.