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Today, Friday the 23rd of February 2024 in Estonia, we celebrate

Lehar, Leho, Lehto

...on their name day.

Upcoming name days

Saturday the 24th of FebruaryMadi, Madis, Maido, Maidu, Mait, Mati, Matis, Mats, Matti, Mattias
Sunday the 25th of FebruaryTormi, Tuule, Tuuli, Tuulike
Monday the 26th of FebruaryIngmar, Ingo, Ingvar, Selmar
Tuesday the 27th of FebruaryHelbe, Helve, Helvi
Wednesday the 28th of FebruaryVilmar, Vilmer, Vilmo
Thursday the 29th of FebruaryUlmi, Une
Friday the 1st of MarchAlbin, Albo, Alvin, Armin